2NU pipe fittings are with NPT male to NPSM female 60 degrees cone thread type. Pipe fittings are components used for connecting, terminating, controlling flow, and changing the direction of piping in many different industries. When interested in our pipe fittings, consider the application, as this will affect material type, shape, size and required durability.


Part no.: 2NU(NPT Male to NPSM Female 60°Cone)
Thread Types: NPT, NPSM, JIC, BSP, BSPT, Metric, JIS, etc.
Prices: YH fittings prices differ in types, quantities, material, etc.
Currency: USD, EURO, RMB, etc.
OEM service: available for drawings, samples or requirements presented.
Payment term: 30% TT in advance, 70% TT before shipment

Tabella dei dati tecnici



2NU-02Z1 / 8" X27Z1 / 8" X27105.51214
2NU-02-04Z1 / 8" X27Z1 / 4" X18105.51219
2NU-04-02Z1 / 4" X18Z1 / 8" X27145.51414
2NU-04Z1 / 4" X18Z1 / 4" X18145.51419
2NU-04-06Z1 / 4" X18Z3 / 8" X18146.51722
2NU-04-08Z1 / 4" X18Z1 / 2" X141481927
2NU-06Z3 / 8" X18Z3 / 8" X18146.51922
2NU-06-04Z3 / 8" X18Z1 / 4" X18145.51919
2NU-06-08Z3 / 8" X18Z1 / 2" X141481927
2NU-08Z1 / 2" X14Z1 / 2" X141982227
2NU-08-04Z1 / 2" X14Z1 / 4" X18195.52219
2NU-08-06Z1 / 2" X14Z3 / 8" X18196.52222
2NU-12Z3 / 4" X14Z3 / 4" X1419.511.52732
2NU-12-06Z3 / 4" X14Z3 / 8" X1819.56.52722
2NU-12-08Z3 / 4" X14Z1 / 2" X1419.582727
2NU-12-16Z3 / 4" X14Z1" X11.519.511.53641
2NU-16-12Z1" X11.5Z3 / 4" X142411.53632
2NU-16Z1" X11.5Z1" X11.52411.53641
2NU-16-20Z1" X11.5Z1.1 / 4" X11.524124150
2NU-20-16Z1.1 / 4" X11.5Z1" X11.52511.54641
2NU-20Z1.1 / 4" X11.5Z1.1 / 4" X11.525124650
2NU-20-24Z1.1 / 4" X11.5Z1.1 / 2" X11.525134155
2NU-24-20Z1.1 / 2" X11.5Z1.1 / 4" X11.525124650
2NU-24Z1.1 / 2" X11.5Z1.1 / 2" X11.525135055
2NU-32Z2" X11.5Z2" X11.529166570

Weld fittings is suitable for Oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium.For welding sealing pipe joint with pipe specifications is more flexible,with pipe welding,It has as the characteristics of connecting and good sealed performance.SO it is Widely used in Oil refining industry, chemical industry, light industry, textile, national defence, metallurgy, aviation, shipping,etc.It can also be applied to all kinds of mechanical engineering, machine tool equipment such as hydraulic transmission line.When the card sleeve pipe production still cannot satisfy the need and should be in place of the strong corrosion,It can be used by priority.At present our company’s production of stainless steel welded joints has been completely solve the problem of corrosion of welding position, in the most extreme conditions to work normally.


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